Legislative drafting

The Firm was also awarded by the European Union mission in Jordan, the revision and amendment of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) draft law, the draft PPP Regulation. In addition, the Firm shall provide analysis, review and recommendation on the legal and institutional framework of PPP projects and regulations in Jordan.

A new Minister of Finance delegation law was drafted by the team in order to redistribute the responsibilities and powers of the HE the Minister to relief the pressures of the post and to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Ministry of Finance.

In early 2008, the Firm was selected by the main contractor, Bearing Point for drafting the Organic Budget law for Jordan, funded by the USAID, which included the stipulations required to organize, monitor and control of the public expenditures in a transparent and efficient manner.

Furthermore, the Firm’s lawyers are always called upon by the Ministry of Justice to participate in legislative revision, drafting and improving many laws including Arbitration Law, the Civil Procedures law, Criminal Procedural law and the Landlord and Tenants law.