Firm Profile

A&T NAJDAWI LAW FIRM started as a family practice over forty years ago. The FIRM was established by Mr. Ahmed Najdawi, who retired from the Judiciary in 1970. A&T Najdawi benefited and continues to benefit from the vast and varied experience of the founding partner which was acquired through his service in the Judiciary for twenty five years in both Jordan and the West Bank.  The Firm has developed into one of the leading law firms in Jordan, providing legal services and representation to local and international client. Furthermore, the Firm is accredited and short listed by many embassies in Jordan such as the United States and the Canadian Embassies.

The Firm, through years of dedicated service, has established, and continues to work hard to maintain, an impeccable reputation with all the aforesaid. 
The heart of the practice consists mainly of providing advice to clients in commercial and corporate law. The Firm also handles arbitration cases and legal & regulatory support to projects in various fields such as transportation, construction, privatization, corporate, telecommunication, energy and aviation, always providing high quality tailored services which is the team’s first priority. 
Throughout the last 40 years of practice, the partners have kept in sync with the local legal environment and ensured that they are in step with any developments and changes that have occurred in Jordan and the Middle East. At the same time, the partners and the team have ensured that the practice is relentlessly exposed to international best practices and services.

A brief description of a few members of the team to provide a flavor of the expertise we enjoy as a practice:

Senior Partner 
Ahmad Najdawi, Founder and Senior Partner of A&T Najdawi Law Firm has been a leading criminal lawyer in Jordan for over 40 years. Mr Najdawi has presented clients in criminal, state security and military courts across the Kingdom. He is recognized as the longest serving member in his specialization and is known and respected by lawyers, judges and clients alike.  His insight in criminal cases is second to none and ensures that the best possible defense is established for those accused. Mr Najdawi is a defender of suspects’ rights and has a long history of criticizing when necessary the criminal system. He has aided in the drafting of many statues to ensure that a practical and affective approach is installed in legislations. Mr Najdawi is often asked by the Jordanian Bar Association and various teaching and training institutions around the region to educate their audience on best practices and practical legal knowledge.  

Managing Partner
Thaer Najdawi, Managing Partner ofA&T Najdawi Law Firm, a lawyer since the late 1980s, who has built a strong corporate and commercial practice that is able to advise on a wide variety of areas. Thaer completed his first degree in Jordan and then attained a master degree in international business from the distinguished Kings College of the University of London. He is an experienced litigator which gives him a crystal ball insight when drafting and reviewing agreements in order to achieve a clear and effective contracting documents which are balanced and long lasting. In his 20 year career, he has advised many local, regional and international public and private entities and registered and created many corporate structures. Thaer has a wide experience in corporate and commercial projects, privatization matters and alternative dispute resolutions such as arbitration and mediations. He has been heavily involved in the restructuring of Aviation industry as well as the improvement and efficiency of GAM especially the transport system.